Keep an eye out for me…

Many times a day I hear that or something like it from candidates over the phone or via an email. We have over 11,000 candidates in our system. I have over 3,000 LinkedIn contacts. I have 1,400 people in my Outlook We have over 1,500 open positions available on our website. Do you really want your future dependent on those kind of odds? 


You can be automatically alerted if a new job is added to our system. Just save a search and our system will automatically send you an email with the details of the job whenever one meeting your criteria is added. Do the same on and pick a few similar job boards in your field. Start out with a broad search and add search terms or other terms to narrow it down if you are getting inundated with jobs that are off spec.


What job should you apply for? The simple answer is those where you meet the spec. Most recruiters are client focused meaning we’ve been given a specific set of criteria that they want seen candidates. We simply cannot present candidates that are outside of their specifications.


Good luck in your search.

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