How to Lose a Job Offer

Congratulations – you won. You survived a rigorous interview process, beat out the other candidates and negotiated an over the top salary. Oh and it’s your dream job. You have given notice and a start date is 10 days away. Just a simple background check left. Or is it? Here are a few things to consider or should have been considered a while ago.

Where you 100% honest on the resume you submitted 8 weeks ago? Did you really graduate from that university? Where you straight about start and end dates at previous employers? Privacy laws mean your future employer is not going to get much info other than the fact that

  1. You worked there
  2. Your start and
  3. Your end date

We have had candidates who had offers withdrawn or were fired for fudging employment dates to cover periods of unemployment or very short term jobs, or lied about graduating versus attending.

Make sure the resume you submit will stand up to a background check and that it is in synch your LinkedIn profile.

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